How to use eQibla?

Simply enter your address and press “locate”. A red line will show the qibla direction.
Tip: To get the best result, change the map type to “hybrid” and zoom in the map to find the satellite image of your location. You can then determine the qibla direction for your location based on the objects around, like walls and streets.

What kind of addresses can be entered in the address bar?

The addresses entered can be any of the following:

  • Full address or Zip code (example: NJ 08544)
  • Cities, states, and continents (examples: France, Tehran, مكه)
  • Famous places (example: Faisal Mosque, مسجد الحرام)
  • Coordinates (example: +38 34′ 24″, -80 32′ 57″)

What do you mean by a direction like “37° from North toward West”?

It means that you should face North and then turn 37 degrees toward West to get the qibla direction.

Which one? True North or Magnetic North?

All directions in eQibla are relative to the True North. Note that in Google flat maps, the upward direction is always toward the geographic (not magnetic) North Pole.

Why qibla in North America is shown towards North/North-East?

A full description is provided in our Documents page.

How can I see the map in 3D?

Simply change the map type to “Earth” from the menu on the top-right corner of the map. Note that this Google 3D map feature is currently under development and might not be available for all browsers and operating systems.