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Improved IP Geolocation

October 18th, 2009
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We have improved our IP geolocation feature from country-level to the city-level, meaning that our visitors will get qibla direction for their city upon their first visit to the website.

Many thanks to MaxMind for providing the IP geolocation API.

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New Domain

February 5th, 2009
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The website has been moved to its new domain,

Besides a new design, several new features have been added to the website, including 3D maps, sharing option, comments section, documents, etc.

You can help us promote this new website by putting a logo from this page into your blog or website.

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IP Geolocation

June 6th, 2008
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A new IP Geolocation feature is added to our website. Using this feature, our visitors will see qibla direction for their own country upon the first visit to the website.

Thanks to ip2nation for providing the compact IP location database.

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Some New Features

January 17th, 2008
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Some new features are added to our qibla javascript code. These features include:

  • drawing the curvature of the qibla direction
  • displaying qibla direction in a more understandable format (not just degree from North)
  • storing the last location visited in cookies and restoring it upon the next visit.

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Qibla Direction First Release

September 18th, 2007
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The first version of Qibla Direction is just launched. You can access it at:

In this website, we have fixed a critical bug that several other Google Map based qibla websites suffer from, which causes them to draw qibla direction off by at most 12 degrees in certain locations on the map.

Update: (Oct 1, 2007)
Two nice qibla locating websites, and, have just incorporated our algorithm to fix their error in drawing qibla direction. Thanks to their site administrators for their quick action.

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